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“Leadership is a choice, not a position” – Stephen Covey

What makes a leader? Leadership is not a job title, nor is it the exclusive preserve of the CEO. Anyone from a senior executive to an operations analyst can choose to lead, simply by taking responsibility, raising their game and elevating the performance of the people around them. Being a leader is a decision to think, take action, inspire and motivate, and anyone can do it.

Almost limitless volumes have been written on leadership over the last half century. However, the exceptional challenges facing organisations today are unique to our time, and much of the received wisdom on leadership is starting to look obsolete. The classic “leader-follower” model served large organisations well for decades, but how relevant is it today, when an increasing amount of the execution or ‘following instructions’ is being either outsourced or automated?

Engagement and culture are huge challenges for leaders today. Millennials seem to place less value on career stability, so how to attract and retain the best of this generation? With technology providing more of the execution answers, who is asking the questions in an organisation? Do ideas bubble up from below, or is there simply silence? How to stop your best talent being lured to more nimble tech-savvy disruptors? How can you define a mission for your business which yields not only results, but maximum commitment and engagement from your people?


By choosing to work with me as your leadership coach, there are multiple topics we will focus on together to help you maximise your impact, ramp up engagement, and build sustainably better business results:

♦ Defining the vision for your business ♦ Crafting a powerful Mission Statement ♦ Improving your leadership style ♦ Optimising your business planning process ♦ Transferring authority and responsibility ♦ Boosting creative thinking

If you are interested and would like to explore leadership coaching in more detail, please get in touch with me: (44) 07713 629096 or