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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – Theodore Roosevelt

An interview is a big event. It is all that stands between you and the next phase of your career, of your life. Alongside getting married or having children, securing a dream job can be one of life’s greatest events.

For many, the interview brings utter terror. The most brilliantly qualified candidate – someone who would be ideal for the role – can fail miserably at the interview. Whether it is nerves, a lack of preparation, or something much more subtle – forgetting to smile, or the interviewer’s unconscious bias – great and talented candidates fail all the time at securing a job. The fact is, for most people, an interview takes them out of their comfort zone simply because it is not something that is often practiced.

Of course, there are remedies at hand to help improve interview performance. I have created a dedicated online resource – – to share as much detailed advice as possible on the topic of interviewing excellence. Please take advantage of this, and any other resources that you can, to improve your chances to interview successfully.

For the ultimate interview preparation, you can choose to work with a coach. I have extensive interviewing experience – on both sides of the table – thanks to my career in the finance industry, and can give you considerable and personalised advice on how to master the interview process. Among the topics I will help you prepare on are:

♦ Detailed pre-interview employer research ♦ Identifying your ‘value proposition’ ♦ Building confidence ♦ Getting in the mindset to sell your value ♦ How to manage nerves ♦ Optimal body language ♦ Handling challenging questions ♦ Showcasing your greatest qualities ♦ Building rapport with your interviewer

If you think you could benefit from personalised interview coaching, and would like to discuss in more detail how I could help you, please get in touch: (44) 07713 629096 or