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Please enjoy various articles related to either Leadership or Career development. For articles on Interview Techniques, head over to my dedicated website here

How to think about Strategic Growth

If you're running a business - or a business within a business as I used to do in sales - the one question you probably ponder more than any other is simply: "How do we grow from here?" Everyone wants to grow their business. Everyone wants to beat budget....

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Are you as good as you think?

How good do you think you are? Chances are, you're wrong. The fact is, we tend to over-estimate how good we really are. This is why most drivers rate themselves as "above average". In a study of college professors, 94% of them believed their teaching skills were above...

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How is your career plan coming along?

You do have a career plan, right? What do you mean, "No"? For most of us, the reality is that our careers seem to just 'happen' to us. Careers are a little bit like a rollercoaster ride. We experience ups and downs, some huge thrills and also some scary moments along...

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How to become an outstanding team leader

When it comes to the question of leadership, most attention is aimed at the C-suite, for obvious reasons. CEOs and their executives make all the big decisions after all, and are paid the big bucks accordingly. But what about at the other end of the corporate pyramid?...

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The secret to earning more $$$: Leverage your Time

Have you ever sat down and thought about your CEO's daily rate? Let's say she was paid $10m in salary and bonuses in 2016. That's $27,397.26 per day, using the simple assumption of 365 days. Not bad for a day's work, even if some of it is at weekends. What's your...

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How to Craft a Powerful CV in 3 Simple Steps

CVs (or resumés) tend to be the bane of our professional lives. We all should have one, and all know we should have one, but we approach the task of creating an effective one with all the zest and enthusiasm of a long overdue trip to the dentist. Minimum effort...

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How to build better Culture in Banking

Next week marks the 8th anniversary of the Lehman collapse. Thanks to the subsequent financial meltdown and its long-lasting consequences, the banking industry remains in a sorry state. Bank CEOs are still scratching their heads trying to identify the right business...

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Stuck in a rut at work? Choose your moonshot

The problem with work is that, for the vast majority of us, it seems meaningless. It is merely a means to an end, suffered by us so that we may pay the mortgage, buy a new car, or perhaps treat ourselves to that holiday in the Caribbean to "get away from the daily...

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How much are you worth?

If someone asks you "How much are you worth?", what's your first thought? "None of your *%@!* business!!" ? That would be mine too. After all, we tend to keep our private affairs, well, private. But then your second thought is probably, "Well, now that he comes to...

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Lessons in Culture from a Master

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" - so said (allegedly) business and management guru Peter Drucker. We all know that great culture is incredibly important if a firm wants to build lasting success. Great culture aligns behaviours and limits the scope for...

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Are you a Leader with the Common Touch?

We all have our views on what great leadership is all about. From being a visionary, to inspiring others, to being calm under fire, to behaving with principles and integrity. We read about these critical leadership traits all the time. But here's something I don't...

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