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One of my core beliefs is that everyone has untapped potential, an ability to perform consistently above where they find themselves today.  As an executive coach, my purpose is to help individuals become aware of their true potential and to discover fresh forward momentum, success and fulfilment in their professional lives.

After a 23 year front office career in financial markets, I bring a deep understanding of what it takes to perform effectively in a highly challenging, competitive and potentially stressful business environment. I have an acute awareness of the challenges facing individuals as they strive to develop their careers today. This enables me to both understand those workplace issues which tend to hamper performance and also to challenge clients to find the right solutions which will allow them to move forward.

I have over a decade of experience hiring, managing and developing talent in investment banking. In my most recent position, as Managing Director at Société Générale, I was responsible for a European sales business, leading a team of over forty salespeople across Europe. Employing my natural ‘coaching’ style as a manager, I ran my business with the express purpose of developing my people and giving them room to grow.

During my investment banking career, I partnered pro-actively with Human Resources, both on internal talent management programmes and to help identify external suppliers to bring coaching and training solutions for my team. I’ve seen the benefit of external coaches first hand and appreciate the imperative to ‘move the RoI needle’.

I am a qualified Executive Coach with a Practioner’s Diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching. The coaching model I have developed – the Catalyst Coaching model – is a hybrid between the G.R.O.W. and Co-Active models, with a particular emphasis on building deep awareness around ‘blockages’ to clear the way for improved performance.

While many coaches and coaching firms offer a generic approach to coaching, my approach leverages my specific workplace experience to bring a much more solution-oriented, relevant and actionable coaching offer.  Whether you are a senior executive or a newly minted graduate, I am positioned to bring you valuable coaching support.